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Dronedesk scales to work for any size of drone operation. So whether you're a solo operator or work for a multi-national corporation (or you're somewhere in-between), we guarantee Dronedesk will reduce your stress and save you time & money.

Choose the option below that best describes you and we'll tell you more about how Dronedesk can help you take your drone operations management to the next level with beautifully simple fleet management, team management, flight planning and reporting.

I'm a solo or part-time drone operator or use drones occasionally in my business
  • I fly drones part-time for some extra cash
  • I'm a photographer and use drones occasionally
  • I'm a videographer and use drones occasionally
  • I'm a surveyor who sometimes uses drones
  • I'm a roofer who uses drones for quick surveys
  • I don't do more than 36 jobs a year
I manage, or I'm part of, a drone team at a small or medium-sized business
  • We have an in-house team of drone operators
  • We sometimes contract out to other drone ops
  • We do drone flights across a large geography
  • We need to keep track of lots of drone assets
  • We want to improve safety and compliance
  • Some stuff is still managed in spreadsheets
I manage a drone team at a large/enterprise/plc business or Government body
  • I'm the accountable manager for a team of pilots
  • The team's grown and the admin taking too long
  • The team's spending hours on flight planning
  • I'm still managing everything in spreadsheets
  • I'm worried we're not doing everything we should
  • We need to get more efficient; we're wasting time

Great news! Dronedesk is ideal for you. Here's why...

  • It will save you hours of admin time on every job
  • It gives you all the flight planning data you need in an instant
  • It enables you present a professional image to your clients
  • You can create PDF job packs and create quotes and invoices too
  • And, if you're just starting out, Dronedesk even helps you find new leads
  • Plus, it helps you comply with in-country aviation regulations by giving you everything you need in a simple and easy-to-use interface
Our affordable STARTUP plan is perfect for your needs.

Hundreds of SMEs choose Dronedesk to manage every aspect of their drone operations. Here's why...

  • Ditch the spreadsheets; manage everything in a secure, simple online application
  • Make it easy for your pilots to follow procedures and do everything they should be doing
  • Create branded professional job packs and share them via PDF or secure URL
  • Keep auditable records of everything so that compliance becomes simple and stress-free
  • Save your company money - Dronedesk reduces your average flight planning time by 65%
  • Improve safety, reduce risks and lower operational costs - your boss will love you!
Our great value and flexible PRO plan means you'll only pay for active users on your account at any point in time.

Dronedesk is used by dozens of enterprise companies to manage their drone operations securely, efficiently and compliantly...

  • Training and onboarding is a breeze because Dronedesk is so simple and intuitive to use
  • Make it easy for your pilots to follow procedures and do everything they should be doing
  • Keep auditable records of everything so that compliance becomes simple and stress-free
  • Save your company money - Dronedesk reduces your average flight planning time by 65%
  • Get access to all the reporting tools you need to help you monitor and enforce compliance
  • Improve safety, reduce risks and lower operational costs - your boss will love you!
Our ENTERPRISE plans offer incredible value for money with fixed annual costs for pricing certainty. Please get in touch to discuss options.



WARNING: If you love spreadsheets, doc templates and bits of paper all over the place, please move on; you're going to hate Dronedesk!

Manage Clients

Manage client records, log interactions and even quote & invoice them.

Asset Management

Record all your drone, battery and other assets, track and report maintenance.

Team Management

Record all your pilot data including certifications, incidents and flight hours.

Airspace Intelligence

Multiple datasets including live NOTAMs,  , and more.

Proximity Intelligence

Multiple datasets to help manage risks including ground hazards and weather.

Flight Planning

Super-quick, low effort and intuitive task planning, management and execution.

Flight Logging

Record flight hours with direct DJI sync or log uploads for multiple applications.

Data Reporting

Report financials, asset maintenance and flight logs by pilot and drone.

Case studies

Read about how some of our clients are leveraging the power of Dronedesk to increase efficiency, safety and speed in their drone operations

Over 300 drone operators have spoken

The majority of our new users come from personal recommendations, here's why...

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It is the perfect job planning software for any drone professional - either as a pilot or from the office admin side. It has everything you need and more. It is actually brilliant software! Seriously, everything is thought through, accessible, sensible, useful and way more comprehensive that I first thought.

Paul B
Paul B
Drone Evolution

Based on location selection - the rest of the legwork is done in terms of weather, Airspace, notifications etc. Dronedesk is the only system you need to expedite your UAS missions, flight logs and asset maintenance. Customer service is beyond fantastic.

Matti W
Matti W
National Grid

I have recently started using Dronedesk for my flight planning and wish I'd done it years ago. It's superb, user friendly and cuts down faffing about with drone shoot planning by a mile. I used to have a bookmarked folder full of websites I would have to go through one by one to plan jobs. Dronedesk automates them all.

Andrew S
Andrew S
Mr Smith Aerial

Very informative and reassuring especially with the plethora of up to date information it provides which makes notifications to relevant authorities quick and easy. Also customer support is second to none. Just takes a matter of minutes to get a response to a query.

Ranjan D-S
Ranjan D-S
Horizon Parking

Dronedesk is an extremely useful, cost effective platform that allows you to improve: safety, existing workflows, procedures and save time. I've simply been able to move our documentation and systems to the platform and integrate with a similar if not, improved format.

David D
David D
Buckingham Group

I'm new to the UAS world and was daunted by the complexity of the paperwork involved in commercial pilot work. Dronedesk takes the headache out of all the planning and compliance before during and after every flight. I can see this being my go to platform as I build up my business. Highly recommend.

Chris L
Chris L
Hivanti Ltd

The best drone planning site and app. It's thorough, simple to use and create jobs in minutes and the support is truly amazing! Dronedesk has transformed how our commercial drone business, Drone Surveying Ltd, now creates RAMS Packs for clients taking just minutes for site specific RAMS.

Simon S
Simon S
Drone Surveying Ltd

Having recently been tasked with organising over 20 flights for a client I find Dronedesk is an invaluable tool when planning. Now instead of trawling through multiple maps, switching between numerous apps and webpages all the information to safely plan a flight is now in one place. Highly recommend.

Steve P
Steve P
Foto Wales

Superb time saving and professional UAS operation planning. Why o why didn't I get dronedesk from the start. A breathtaking tool for all UAS operators, with perhaps the best support from Dorian you will ever experience from any company.

Tony P
Tony P

Dronedesk is a comprehensive drone operating planning tool. It collates all the relevant information and provides reports to assist the work. It is an excellent tool, and the support is amazing.

Tim A
Tim A
Tim Atherton

Great piece of software. I wish I'd started using it sooner to make the planning and recording of all my drone jobs more efficient! And the customer service is amazing! Would highly recommend.

Stacey D
Stacey D
Kestrel Surveys

Dronedesk software give our company the ability to be efficient when planing operations. We have more than halved the time it took to prepare for operations making us more efficient and consistent. If you plan drone operations and are not using Dronedesk give it a go I can recommend it.

Allan McP
Allan McP

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  • 1 user
  • 3 jobs/mo
  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited assets
  • Integrated flight planning
  • Flight logging & reporting
  • Job pack exports
  • Checklists & risk assessments
  • Full plan comparison


        Save   !

  • 1 user included
  • Add users at just   /user/mo Add users at just   /user/yr
  • Everything in STARTUP plus...
  • Unlimited jobs
  • Unlimited projects
  • Advanced risk assessments
  • Configurable checklists
  • Flight log auto-sync (DJI) NEW!
  • And much more...
  • Full plan comparison



  • Specialist plans
  • Everything in PRO plus...
  • Fixed pricing (25 users minimum)
  • Volunteer org. plans
  • Option to white label
  • Team permissions
  • Forensic audit trail
  • Search & rescue configuration
  • Emergency services configuration
  • And much more...

If you have any questions, please check out our FAQs or get in touch.

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We're so confident that Dronedesk will reduce your job planning cycle time by at least 50%, that we're happy to offer you a 100% money-back guarantee within   days if you find it doesn't!

If you're still using spreadsheets, document templates, Google forms, and laminated checklists to manage your drone operations, we promise you that switching to Dronedesk will save you time and money.

With everything you need in a single app, Dronedesk is the smarter, simpler and faster way to manage your drone operations.

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