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Dronedesk is a key component in the workflow of hundreds of companies who run drone operations. Regardless of size, it helps those companies manage their operations more efficiently, safely and compliantly and in less time.

Please check out our case studies to find out how Dronedesk's comprehensive suite of tools is enabling businesses to dramatically simplify planning, scheduling, and execution of drone flights, as well as manage their drone fleet and team data.

Dronedesk can help you transform operational efficiency in your company regardless of the industry you're in. It works for; survey companies, photographers & videographers, film & TV companies, media & press companies, FPV pilots, marketing agencies, utility companies, drone training schools, search & rescue organisations, drone franchise companies and many more.

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Case studies

Read about how some of our clients are leveraging the power of Dronedesk to increase efficiency, safety and speed in their drone operations

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