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How Ian is saving time and making flights safer for Eagle Eye Innovations with Dronedesk

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Ian and his team was looking for the impossible: a way to save time on drone flight planning while also making those flights safer.

And they found it in Dronedesk.

What is Eagle Eye Innovations?

Formed in 2014, Eagle Eye Innovations offers a huge range of drone services from a base of solid expertise.

With 90% of its team coming from the military, the business employs a huge wealth of aviation and unmanned flight experience to train everyone from private businesses to the emergency services and military, as well as offering flight services such as safety inspections and photography/videography, surveys, and more.

With such a wealth of aviation and unmanned flight experience, Eagle Eye's clients can be confident that any operations are conducted to the most rigorous safety standards.

But Ian had spotted a potential risk.

Saving time

Ian's team used a process familiar to many drone operators: manually gathering data. Google Maps, the Met Office, UK Grid Finder, Altitude Angel. The pilots were bouncing back and forth between browser tabs to get an understanding of the ground, the airspace, and the hazards they might encounter.

"That's time consuming. It could take three hours to plan a flight. Whether it was a four-hour or a four-minute flight, didn't matter. The planning took hours."

Dronedesk eliminates a lot of the laborious research by bringing all the data into one place. Now, instead of hunting down all the data he needs, Ian gets it at his fingertips as soon as he enters the time and location of the flight.

And the amount of time that saves is staggering.

"I can produce a plan using Dronedesk in half an hour from start to finish."

This time-saving means that Ian and his team are able to take on more jobs, but also makes scheduling them that much easier. Rather than having to factor in hours of planning, Ian only has to think about how far away the job is and whether he's available.

Eagle Eye Innovations at work

"If a job came in today that was 45 minutes away, I could tell the customer, “Yeah, I can do that.” It's opened up the opportunity to be able to say yes to customers."

Ian can even plan a flight for a colleague, so they can leave straightaway and arrive with the planning done and just the on-site checks to perform.

And this time saving offers another benefit: it makes it easier to conduct safer drone flights.

Risk mitigation

Manually collecting data opens a drone operator up to error. Perhaps your personal process sees you head to UK Grid Finder, then to Altitude Angel, then to Google Maps. But perhaps you realise you forgot to get something from UK Grid Finder, and inadvertently forget to check Google Maps properly. It's so easy to do, yet you might miss a hazard as a result.

Perhaps nothing would come of it. But if your plan is audited or, worse, an accident occurred, you could find yourself facing uncomfortable investigations or even fines.

"If you haven't done your research, and you haven't planned what you're going to do, then you're going to be opening yourself up to a world of pain."

This is where Dronedesk can make flight planning quicker and safer at the same time. By automating the data collection process, we put all the information at your fingertips. You can supplement it with your own information, or dig into it if you want to know more about a potential hazard. But it's all there.

"Using the old system, you could potentially miss something. We don't miss anything using Dronedesk."

There's another risk to creating manual flight plans: you'll have spent hours planning before you even start looking at hazards, by which point you're probably tired and your attention is drifting.

"But identifying hazards is the most important bit of planning. Dronedesk makes drone operations a lot safer, but in a time-saving manner."

By reducing the time spent on gathering location data, a pilot has more time and attention to carefully assess any hazards and add them to their flight plan. Those hazards are easier to mitigate, too, by the careful, process-driven way our plans are laid out.

And, of course, if an incident were to occur, you'd need to be able to demonstrate that you'd done everything you could to prevent it. Dronedesk keeps your rock-solid flight plan and hazard mitigation in one place, easy to access should you ever need it.

"We could then use this as evidence that we did everything humanly possible to mitigate the risk and we planned the operation safely."

Always improving

Ian enjoys how Dronedesk helps him plan flights faster and safer, and he's keen to share that when Eagle Eye provide their training services too.

"We teach our students how to use available products to formulate a plan, and then we show them an example of our Dronedesk-planned flight training (what I regard as the industry-leading application!)"

And we're always ready to listen to feedback and make the improvements that will make Dronedesk a platform that anyone and everyone will want to use.

"Dronedesk is a brilliant bit of kit. It's perfect."

If you want to make flight planning quicker and safer, start your free trial of Dronedesk. You'll have access to all our time-saving features and see just how safe your flights will be with our software, and how much extra confidence you'll be able to give your customers.

All quotes are from Ian Galloway - Training & Risk Manager at Eagle Eye Innovations

Ian Galloway, Training & Risk Manager at Eagle Eye Innovations
Ian Galloway MBE
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