Why choose Dronedesk?

I believe Dronedesk is the very best business admin and flight planning application available to professional drone operators.

It helps maximise the efficiency of operations, helps ensure the safety of flights and dramatically simplifies compliance.

Don't believe me? Well, I wanted to be sure my claims are justified so I commissioned a survey of features.

The survey stacked Dronedesk up against three of the other leading drone business admin and flight planning applications available on the market.

I think the results speak for themselves. Scroll to the bottom of the table to see the scores and price comparison.

Drone business admin and flight planning application features versus value matrix

Full feature comparison table

Dronedesk logo
ScaleFlyt (formerly Soarizon) logo
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Features compared
Free trial 30 days 1 month ? ?
Unlimited projects/jobs/missions
Unlimited drones/batteries and other assets
Access to unlimited subcontracting opportunities
Lead generation/management to help you acquire and manage prospects
Define products, services and costs for use in quotes and invoices
Create quotes and invoices to save as PDF send to clients
Integration with Xero
Group jobs into projects
Cloneable jobs and projects for recurring or repeat visits?
Branded PDF export of job packs
Workflow including assignment of tasks to pilots with email notifications
Approval workflow for completed jobs
Comprehensive pre and on-site survey forms
what3words integration for setting precise flight location
Location maps provide multiple view options, e.g. streetmap, satellite, etc.
Editable site plan map to accurately show your TOLP, flight area and hazards
Configurable checklists
Configurable default Risk Assessment
Option for OSC Risk Assessment
Other airusers id including contact information - e.g. ATC contacts, glider sites, etc.
Live NOTAMs for your flight area?
Air hazards in vicinity of flight, e.g. FRZs, RPZs etc.
Ground hazards in vicinity of flight, e.g. FRZs, RPZs etc.
Other hazards in the vicinity of flight, e.g. National Trust land etc.
Automatic air space class id for you flight area
Cloud storage integration - Google Drive and Dropbox
Record all aircraft assets and auto-populate craft specifications
Record all battery assets and track charge cycles
Record all other hardware assets, e.g. iPads, controllers etc.
Log for each asset to record things like maintenance and downtime etc.
Record additional team members in addition to account holders, e.g. marshals, camera ops, etc.
Log flights by date/time including assigned pilot and batteries used if required
Flight log recording include a summary map of the flight path of each flight
Flight log report by pilot or drone for a selected date range exportable to PDF or Excel
Incident log where you can record reportable (or non-reportable) incidents
Searchable system log that enables you to track user actions in the application
iOS tablet/phone compatible (PWA)
Android tablet/phone compatible (PWA)
What do users say
TrustPilot rating
4.9/5 (163 reviews)

3.6/5 (1 review)

Not reviewed

4/5 (4 reviews)
Capterra rating
4.8/5 (45 reviews)

Not reviewed

Not reviewed

Not reviewed
Google rating
5/5 (48 reviews)

Not reviewed

Not reviewed

Not reviewed
Yell rating
5/5 (2 reviews)

Not reviewed

Not reviewed

Not reviewed
Facebook rating
5/5 (11 reviews)

Not reviewed

Not reviewed

Not reviewed
Which package was compared
Package compared Pro Elevate Enterprise Growth
Pilots included 5 5 5 5
Features score* 98% 70% 83% 70%
Annual cost
Advertised rate for 5 pilots 15-June-21
£250 £1,250 £527** £600


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We base our feature and price comparisons on data publicly available from other providers' websites. Some providers don't make the full range of their features and pricing publicly available. In those cases, we've relied upon information provided by current and/or previous users of that service.

If you represent one of the services mentioned here, and you believe any data item to be inaccurate in any way, then please let us know and we'll put it right straight away.

* Features score

The score is based on the following system with a maximum 45 points available:

  • 1.00 = has the feature
  • 0.50 = does not have the feature but it may be on the roadmap
  • 0.25 = unable to determine if the feature is available or on the roadmap
  • 0.00 = does not have the feature and it may not be on the roadmap
** Pricing provided by Drone Logbook 743USD - GBP equivalent based on $1 = £0.71;

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