Dronedesk community initiatives

We're not just about making money, we try to give back to the drone community

We built Dronedesk to scratch our own itch but it soon grew into a commercial enterprise and it's how we make our living. But, we strongly believe in corporate social responsibility and we try to give back to the drone community in any way we can. Here's a few examples of the organisations we support and the projects we run:

  • We've built several free-to-access informational websites to help operators run their operations - see some examples below
  • We offer free Dronedesk accounts to registered charities run by volunteers - see some of the SAR teams we support below
  • We curate an aggregated news service across our social media accounts which brings drone-related news articles from around the world to a wide audience of drone hobbyists and professionals
We've built tools to help drone operators with not only planning their operations but also with their business planning.
ATC Advisor screeshot
ATC Advisor

A site listing all UK Air Traffic Control contact information with reviews from drone operators.

Dayrate Calculator screenshot
Dayrate Calculator

A site to help drone operators calculate a baseline day rate to guide their service pricing.

Police Contacts screenshot
Police Contacts

A site which lists all UK Police forces' non-emergency contact information.

Dronespec screenshot
Drone specs

A site which lists downloadable technical specifications for common drone models.

We support these, and other, volunteer search and rescue organisations' drone operations by providing them with complimentary access to Dronedesk's industry-leading operations planning software.
London SAR
London SAR

London Search and Rescue is a Lowland Rescue team, set up to assist the Police with searches for vulnerable missing persons within London, and beyond.

Hampshire SAR
Hants SAR

Hampshire Search and Rescue (HANTSAR) is a voluntary organisation which works alongside the police in searches for vulnerable missing persons in Hampshire.

Dorset SAR
Dorset SAR

Dorset Search and Rescue is a team of highly trained volunteers who work with the Police, Coastguard and other emergency services in the search, rescue or recovery of missing persons.

Buxton Mountain Rescue
Buxton Mountain Rescue

Buxton Mountain Rescue was originally set up to help people in difficulty on remote/moorland areas. Over time, this has expanded into other types of searches and locations.

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