WARNING: If you love spreadsheets, doc templates and bits of paper all over the place, please move on; you're going to hate Dronedesk!

Manage Clients

Manage client records, log interactions and even quote & invoice them.

Asset Management

Record all your drone, battery and other assets, track and report maintenance.

Team Management

Record all your pilot data including certifications, incidents and flight hours.

Airspace Intelligence

Multiple datasets including live NOTAMs,  , and more.

Proximity Intelligence

Multiple datasets to help manage risks including ground hazards and weather.

Flight Planning

Super-quick, low effort and intuitive task planning, management and execution.

Flight Logging

Record flight hours with direct DJI sync or log uploads for multiple applications.

Data Reporting

Report financials, asset maintenance and flight logs by pilot and drone.

Full feature list by plan

Are you a details person? This list is for you!

Users 1 1 to
Jobs 3/mo
Flight planning
Custom Risk AssessmentDefine your own default risk assessment to add to every new job and then edit it on a per-job basis if needed
Customisable checklistsDefine your own checklists to match your processes and procedures
Airuser contactsDronedesk carries contact details for thousand of airusers across the world, including ATCs, glider sites, air ambulances and even hotels with helipads
Site planning mapsCreate a detailed site plan in just a few clicks – drop ToLPs, draw flight areas, pinpoint people locations and much more
Airspace intelligenceGet an instant view of air hazard data including FRZ, RPZs, CTAs and more
Ground hazardsGet an instant view of ground hazard data including prisons, power stations, railway lines and more
Pre & post-flight survey formsRecord everything you need to in comprehensive free-text fields covering all aspects of your flight
Live weatherGet hourly weather for your flight date with the data you’d expect plus cloud cover, Kp-index and a ‘good to fly’ indicator
Live NOTAMsDronedesk refreshes NOTAM data every half hour 7 days a week, they're pre-filtered to your location and flight day(s)
Altitude Angel integrationPublish your flight to Drone Assist / Drone Safety map right from within Dronedesk
Emergency contactsYou get contact details for the nearest A and E, the local Police plus a host of other useful contact numbers
Closure reportIf your processes state you’ll record a closure commentary, then Dronedesk gives you a section for that
Incident reportingIf something goes wrong you’re able to record the incident in Dronedesk and associate it with the job it happened on
Branded Job pack PDFExport a job pack with your brand identity including the job sections you want to include
Customisable document headerCreate a full customised header for your job pack and RAMS export documents
Branded RAMS PDFExport a RAMS PDF with your brand identity
Customisable Method StatementsCreate multiple Method Statement templates – select the appropriate template depending on the job
Configurable Risk AssessmentsCreate multiple risk assessments for different job types and select the appropriate template for each job
Custom OSC Risk AssessmentIf you operate under an OSC, we have a Risk Assessment template which follows CAP722A guidance
Audit trailAccess to a full audit trail of all changes made to every job, when and by whom
Flight logs
Manual flight log recordingRecord your flight in just a few clicks, assign a pilot, a drone, (optionally a battery), set the start and end time and you’re done
Flight log reportingCreate a PDF or Excel flight log report in a couple of clicks ready for submission to your aviation authority.
Flight log uploadsUpload logs from DJI, Parrott, Litchi, DroneDeploy and Hammer Missions. If you have an AirData account, export your flight logs from there and import them into Dronedesk
Flight log auto-syncing - AirDataIf you have an AirData Enterprise account, Dronedesk is able to auto-sync your logs for you
Flight log auto-syncing - DJIDronedesk is able to auto-sync your DJI flight logs for you
Team management
Certification trackingRecord your waivers, currency and more with alerts to let you know if anything's overdue
Certification trackingRecord your pilot’s FlyerID, A2CoC, currency and more with alerts to let you know if anything’s overdue
Certification trackingRecord your pilot’s certifications, currency and more with alerts to let you know if anything’s overdue
PermissionsControl which aspects of the system your users can access
Location trackingReview the current location of all your team members (requires user permission)
Workflow management
Unlimited jobs/missionsCreate and manage as many jobs as you need to – no limits
Unlimited locationsCreate unlimited job locations by address search, a what3words address, a postal/zip code or just by clicking on a map
Auto geo-data populationFor every location you create, Dronedesk will return you the nearest town, the Lat, Lon, Grid Ref. and Elevation
WorkflowManage your jobs through a pre-defined workflow so you can keep track on progress
Job routingSelect a group of jobs and have Dronedesk create an optimzed schedule for them including step-by-step route guidance
Bulk job managementView all your jobs on a map and easily select groups of them to bulk process
Unlimited projectsGroup jobs for a client into a project so you can keep track of things easily
10-day weather forecastWhen you’re building a job, Dronedesk gives you a 10-day snapshot of upcoming weather so you can decide when’s a good day to fly
Permissions controlConfigure permissions to allow or prevent progression by certain team member types
Job notificationsSet up job workflow notifications by email and/or SMS to alert pilots of new jobs or admin of completed jobs
Clone jobsCreate an exact copy of a previous jobs for a revisit in just a couple of clicks
Jobs map viewView all your jobs on a map with filters to help you drill down to the detail you need
Jobs Kanban viewView all your jobs in drag and drop Kanban columns so you can quickly move them through workflow statuses
Jobs calender viewView all your jobs in a calendar, drag and drop to reschedule or rearrange dates and times
Customer Relationship Management
Unlimited leadsManage your lead records directly in Dronedesk – no need for an external CRM subscription
Auto lead generationBuy credits to leverage the power of Google search and find new leads for your targeted geography and industry 20 free/mo 50 free/mo
Unlimited clientsManage unlimited client records securely in Dronedesk – key data is encrypted for additional security
Branded quotesIssue quotes direct from Dronedesk with your branding
Branded invoicesIssue invoices direct from Dronedesk with your branding – you can even include links to your payment page
Embeddable enquiry formDrop a couple of lines of code into your webpage and get enquiries by email and auto-loaded into your Dronedesk leads table
Asset management
Unlimited drone assetsCreate drone records in seconds with pre-filled specification data for all major manufacturers
Unlimited battery assetsManage your battery assets – you can even track charge cycles and flight hours
Unlimited "other" assetsRecord all your ancillary equipment like controllers and ground cameras
Maintenance logsRecord maintenance and anything else against any asset – all logs are timestamped and initialled
Asset trackingTrack all your assets with QR codes - check-in/out and set asset locations
Battery groupsFor drones with multiple batteries like the Inspire 2 – group batteries and manage them as a single asset
Asset maintenanceSet intervals by days or flight time for all your assets and get alerts when maintenance is due
SkyWise notificationsStay up-to-date with news, safety alerts, consultations, rule changes, airspace amendments and more direct from the CAA
TFR notificationsStay up-to-date with Temporary Flight Restriction notices direct from the FAA TFR list
Google Calendar linkingLink and external Google calendar so you can see you appointments alongside your drone jobs schedule
Google Drive linkingLink Google Drive folders, one for business (to store certificates etc.) and others for jobs or projects
Dropbox integrationLink Dropbox folders, one for business (to store certificates etc.) and others for jobs or projects
Embeddable Verified badgeEmbed a verified badge on your own website showing you’re a Dronedesk user with an optional link to show your flight stats
Exclusive partner discountsGet access to exclusive discounts from selected partners of Dronedesk
TendersGet access to the amazing opportunities that public service tenders represent, bid on contracts which could set you up for life
Cloud storage2GB of cloud storage for you to use as you need
E&OE - we are constantly updating and improving Dronedesk - almost daily - and there could be times when this feature table isn't 100% accurate in terms of what's available in each plan at a single point in time. Therefore this list should be regarded as a guide and not a definitive list of available plan features.

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