Dronedesk includes everything you need to manage your drone operations

Improve your bottom line

We know, from our own experience, that the admin involved in safe flight planning can be a huge drain on resources, costing you time and money that eats into your bottom line.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Operators switching to Dronedesk save 52 minutes on every flight they plan compared to their old paper and spreadsheet approach.

Two thirds of our users told us it now takes them 30 minutes or less to safely and compliantly plan a job.

Say goodbye to hunting around the internet for all the data you need; airuser contact information, ATC phone numbers, weather forecasts, NOTAMs - the list goes on and on - Dronedesk does it all for you.

Use the sliders on the rightbelow to select your pilot and weekly flight numbers to calculate your potential savings.

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* The calculator assumes median weekly wage of and just 30 weeks of work a year to account for things like the weather, sick and holidays. More info.

More about Dronedesk's features...

Dronedesk is the #1 rated drone operations management app used by professional drone operators across the UK, US and Ireland. We believe that's not only because of our stellar customer support and intuitive user interface, but because of the unrivalled breadth and depth of features we've integrated into the app. Read on to find out more...

Everything you need in one web app

Spending too much time jumping from website to website to manage your customer records, quoting & invoicing and lead generation? And then a whole other set of websites and templates to manage your assets, track team member certifications, plan your drone operations and store accurate records?


Dronedesk includes everything - and we mean everything - you need to manage your clients, plan your flights and keep track of every aspect of your drone operations.

Everything's integrated into a beautifully simple web application that you can access from any device anywhere you have a connection.

Dronedesk makes it super simple to keep on top of things. It makes record keeping a breeze and helps you to effortlessly stay compliant and safe.

Schematic of the Dronedesk application
The Dronedesk structure

End to end job management on a single page

Do you manage each of your jobs across multiple document templates or on multiple Google forms? And then spend forever jumping from website to website to get all the data you need to plan your flights?

Dronedesk is built so that you can manage every aspect of a job - and we mean every aspect - end to end on a single page.

Everything's integrated and organised into groups of tabs so that you can seamlessly switch to whichever section you need in a single click..

And, as if by magic, when you access a job, all the data you need is already there for you. With no effort required whatsoever, you'll have a view off the very latest hourly weather forecast, NOTAMs (pre-filtered to show only those relevant to your flight), air and ground hazards data and much, much more besides.

Animation of the Manage Job screen which includes everything you need to manage a job end to end
The Manage Job screen
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Contact information for nearby airspace users

Do you, like most responsible drone operators, research airspace users in the vicinity of your flights? Then spend time collating their contact information for use in case of a fly-away?

That's a hugely time-consuming task!

Dronedesk does all that work for you. We have an extensive database of airspace user contact information covering large parts of . Where we don't have the contacts for your flight location, the system will dynamically query Google and attempt to fetch it there and then for you.

You'll get a map view of the airuser locations as well as a data table showing the contact data, distance and even the bearing from your flight location.

Fly-away area airspace user contact information
The Fly-away area airspace user map

Comprehensive weather forecasts

Weather is such a critical part of most drone flight operations planning that we've gone to great lengths to cover all bases.

Dronedesk uses MetCheck as its main weather forecast provider. They're well respected and provide an aggregate forecast based on the latest data from several sources. We supplement that with a forecast of the Kp-index from the NOAA.

You'll get an hourly forecast for the day of your operation, up to five days out - and a three-hourly forecast for five days beyond that.

We give you a RAG "Okay to fly" flag for the Kp-index, rain, wind and temperature - all relative to the capability of the drone you've specified for the job.

If you're an aviator, you'll appreciate that we also pull in the latest METAR and TAF for the nearest station to your operation.

And finally, we also give you a view of the ever-popular Windy forecast as a back-up.

Comprehensive weather forecasts
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Plan your flight with all the intelligence you need

Creating a site plan in Dronedesk couldn't be simpler. Add planned flight areas, personnel deployment locations, no-go areas, include annotations, and much more.

Planning a safe flight requires knowledge of potential hazards in the vicinity. Dronedesk has you comprehensively covered in that respact.

You get multiple layers of data on the map, covering eveything from FRZs and airspace intelligence data to sensitive wildlife areas.

You can export snapshots of your plan and even export your flight area to KML for import into your smart controller.

Leave nothing to chance and switch to Dronedesk to ensure your flights are conducted safely and compliantly.

Animation of a site plan with multiple data layers
Site plan with multiple data layers

Point-and-click Risk Assessments

As any drone pro knows, Risk Assessments are a critical part of any drone operation.

Dronedesk helps you make light work of them by enabling you to create a default assessment - covering common risks and mitigations. That's added to every new job and gives you a great starting point for more detailed risk analysis.

You can group your risks with headings and adding new risks takes just a couple of clicks. And risks can be instantly re-ordered with a simple drag-and-drop.

You can configure your risk matrix scoring methodology and even set the RAG color gradient. Your overall risk is calculated to give you an aggregate score for the entire job.

Selecting the initial and final risk scores for each risk is super quick with the point-and-click matrix pop-up.

Honestly, we don't think completing a risk assessment could be any simpler than this.

Animation of completing a risk assessment
Completing a Risk Assessment
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Checklists for everything

From making sure you pack all the kit you need before leaving the office, to ensuring you follow your defined procedures, checklists are an essential tool for professional drone operators.

Dronedesk provide up to seven checklists; loading, on-site, pre-flight, take-off, landing, post-flight and emergencies.

The system comes with a default set of checks in each list but you're free to create your own to suit your own operational procedures.

Marking items off is a simple click (or tap) and you can see at a glance whether a list has not been started, is part way through or is complete.

Animation showing a checklist being completed
Completing a checklist

Boss your flight logs

No spreadsheets here! Dronedesk makes flight logging the work of moments:

  • Enter your flight logs manually in just a few clicks
  • Or, click the take-off and land buttons to record flights real-time while on site
  • Or, upload .csv logs from AirData® right into Dronedesk
  • Upload logs from your Parrot drones
  • Live view of accumulated flight minutes for all pilots and drones so you can monitor for currency and maintenance
  • Export a flight log report in just a couple of clicks ready to send to the

Update June '22: We're currently working on direct syncing of DJI flight logs to provide an almost fully automated process.

animation of flight logging in Dronedesk
Flight logging options
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Export branded job packs and RAMS documents

Portraying a professional image to your clients is important. Sending them piecemeal documentation created from multiple Word templates and spreadsheets isn't going to cut it.

With Dronedesk, you can create professional PDF documentation for your jobs; fully branded and containing all the information and data you need to share with your clients. Whether that's an entire job pack or just your Risk Assessment and Method Statement; it's all configurable so the choice is yours.

Animation showing exporting a branded PDF job pack
Exporting a branded PDF job pack

And there's more...

  • Looking for new clients? Dronedesk can help with that with its auto lead generation module - enter a search term and target geography and get contact information in seconds for matching prospects
  • Group jobs for your key clients into projects
  • Get a real-time view of your team member's flight hours currency and generate a flight log report in a couple of clicks
  • Need to track your team member's certifications? You can assign certifications to team members and to the business and Dronedesk will remind you when they're up for renewal
  • Have a maintenance schedule for your drones or other assets? Set a schedule by days or flight minutes and monitor via the maintenance dashboard or wait to be notified by the system
  • Need to track your shared assets? Record an asset's location and every asset gets its own QR code; scan assets in and out of the system
  • Quoting and invoicing - Dronedesk enables you to create products and generate branded quotes and invoices at either job or project level
  • Get a financial report showing all your quotes and invoices and their current status
  • Workflow configuration to enable pilot and admin notifications when jobs are assigned or work is completed
  • Multiple job view options; table, kanban, map or calendar
  • Export jobs as events to any calendar or, integrate an external Google calendar to view other events alongside your drone jobs
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