Dronedesk includes everything you need to manage your drone operations

Want to plan jobs in 30 minutes or less?

We know, from our own bitter experience, that the admin involved in safe flight planning can be an absolute pain in the proverbial.

But our users don't suffer that admin pain. In fact they save 56 minutes on every flight they plan in Dronedesk versus their old paper and spreadsheet approach.

And an impressive 78% of Dronedesk users said it now takes them 30 minutes or less to safely and compliantly plan a job.

Say goodbye to hunting around the 'net for all the data you need; airuser contact information, ATC phone numbers, weather forecasts, NOTAMs - the list goes on and on - Dronedesk does it all for you.

Imagine that!

Note: The calculator assumes the UK median wage and just 30 weeks of work a year to account for things like the British weather, sick and leave.

Wait... how much will I save?

Use the sliders below to select your pilot numbers and weekly flights to calculate your potential savings.



It's not just about the time you'll save though...

Everything you need

Fed up of jumping from website to website to get all the data you need to plan your flights?

Dronedesk includes everything - and we mean everything - you need to manage your clients and plan your flights. It's all built into a beautifully simple web application that you can access from any device anywhere you have a connection.

We use industry standard datasources - like Altitude Angel UTM - to make sure that you can plan your flight secure in the knowledge that you have the latest available data about the weather, NOTAMs, air and ground hazards, etc. for your flight area.

Shhematic of the Dronedesk application
The Dronedesk structure

Boss your flight logs

No spreadhsheets here! Dronedesk makes flight logging the work of moments:

  • Enter your flight logs in just a few clicks
  • Upload logs from various drones right into Dronedesk
  • Export a flight log report in just a couple of clicks ready to send to the CAA
  • Live view of accumulated flight minutes for all pilots and drones so you can monitor for currency and maintenance
Importing flight logs into Dronedesk

Job management is a breeze

Manage every aspect of a job in a single screen.

You get everything you need including; survey forms, six checklists, a comprehensive risk assessment which complies with CAA guidelines, air user contacts for everyone from ATCs to glider clubs, current NOTAMs, hourly weather forecasts, a site planning map, including ground and air hazard data from Altitude Angel UTM and flight logging.

You can export a fully branded job pack too which you can store or send to your clients.

Animated gif of the Dronedesk manage jobs screen
The Dronedesk Manage Job screen

Create site plans in seconds

Creating a site plan takes seconds; select your map view (you have a choice of satelite and street views), draw out your proposed flight area, drop your Take-Off and Landing Point pin and you get an instant view of your 30m, 50m 150m and 500m operationally relevant radii (or relevant limits if you operate under an OSC).

Drop pins to show pilot and marshall/observer positions and even pinpoint potential hazards and notifiable properties/people.

Everything's saved as you go and you can print your plan either on its own or as part of a full job pack.

Creating a site plan in Dronedesk

Secure by design

The security and privacy of your, and your client's, data is critically important to us. We've implemented leading-edge security meausures from the ground up to ensure that only the right people, and approved devices, can access your company's information in Dronedesk.

As standard, Dronedesk encrypts PII (Personal Identification Information) data at rest, including but not limited to; passwords, email addresses, postal addresses, names and company names. The added benefit of this approach is that no malicious actor, or indeed any Dronedesk employee, will have access to an unencrypted view of your, or your client's, sensitive data.

End to end encruption schematic
Your data is encrypted

Get Started in No Time

Dronedesk makes it super easy to manage every aspect of your commercial drone business online. Sign up now and try Dronedesk for free with our no-risk 30-day free trial. Get control of your admin and start spending your time flying and earning money instead of managing spreadsheets and filing paperwork.