Less admin, more flying

Dronedesk is a beautifully simple business admin and flight planning application that helps you stay compliant.

Forget paper and spreadsheets, Dronedesk is in the cloud and has everything you need in a single app.

Everything's included:

Compliant drone operations. Simplified.

Made by drone operators for drone operators
Private and Secure
Your data is your data and we'll never share it with, or sell it to, anyone else. Ever. We're serious about security and use secure servers with additional encryption to protect your data in transit and at rest.
Works on Anything
Dronedesk is a web application but if you're out on a job, it'll play nicely on your iOS or Android tablet and phone too. There's nothing to install and getting started is the work of moments.
We built a basic version of Dronedesk and then added features with expert input from dozens of drone professionals just like you to make sure it has everything you need and nothing you don't.
Get Started for FREE
The basic version of Dronedesk is 100% free for single person drone operations. And our paid versions are amazing value for larger teams and drone operators who need more advanced features too.

How do I get started

You're just three quick steps away from less admin, more flying!
1Sign up

Create an account (no credit card required!) by providing your email address, name and business name. Set your username and password here too.

We'll send you a link to verify your email address - click the link in the email and log in.

2Set things up

Follow the quick product tour and then set up your business profile - it'll only take a couple of minutes.

Now's a great time to watch the job build run-through to get an idea of how quick and simple things are in Dronedesk.

3Dive in

You're nearly done. Easily and quickly add a client, a drone and a location and then you're ready to create your first job, congratulations!

Now you can plan your flights in minutes instead of hours and spend more time doing what you love - flying and earning money!

You're in good company

Join 100's of other drone companies in the UK who save hours of admin and plan safe flights in minutes using Dronedesk
Capterra Best Value for Customer Relationship Management Nov-2020


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Get Started in No Time

Dronedesk makes it super easy to manage every aspect of your commercial drone business online. Create a free account now and start spending your time flying and earning money instead of managing spreadsheets and filing paperwork.