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Our entry-level plan designed for startups, single person operations, part-time drone businesses or even hobbyists who want to operate compliantly and safely.

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Amazing value fully-featured plan for larger operations from 5 to 100 users who are serious about saving money, streamlining their flight planning operations and driving compliance.

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Pro plan for small one or two-person operations who want to benefit from most of our core Pro features to save time and effort as they grow their drone business.

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Enterprise and specialist options


Dronedesk scales to meet the needs of any size operation and will help transform your drone operations management with efficient, auditable workflow and simple asset tracking.

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Training schools

Integrating Dronedesk into your training can help streamline your lessons, optimise your documentation and even generate additional income. Your students will love it too!

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Emergency Services

Switching to Dronedesk to manage your operations will maximise your tasking efficiency, speed up planning and deployment and help you to establish and maintain compliance.

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If you're a voluntary Search & Rescue organisation, you may be eligible for a free Dronedesk SAR account to help you manage deployments safely and efficiently.

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UsersImportant: our plan prices include this number of users - they're not per user prices13-1002
Flight planning
Custom Risk AssessmentDefine your own default risk assessment to add to every new job and then edit it on a per-job basis if needed
Customisable checklistsDefine your own checklists to match your processes and procedures377
Airuser contactsDronedesk carries contact details for thousand of airusers across the world, including ATCs, glider sites, air ambulances and even hotels with helipads
Site planning mapsCreate a site plan for your flight location in just a few clicks – drop ToLPs, draw flight areas, pinpoint people locations and more
Airspace intelligenceGet an instant view of air hazard data including FRZ, RPZs, CTAs and more
Ground hazardsGet an instant view of ground hazard data including prisons, power stations, railway lines and more
Pre & post-flight survey formsRecord everything you need to in comprehensive free-text fields covering all aspects of your flight
Live weatherGet hourly weather for your flight date with the data you’d expect plus cloud cover, Kp-index and a ‘good to fly’ indicator
Live NOTAMsDronedesk pulls NOTAM data direct from the FAA every half hour 7 days a week, you’ll get them plotted on a map and in a textual list
Closure reportIf your processes state you’ll record a closure commentary, then Dronedesk gives you a section for that
Incident reportingIf something goes wrong you’re able to record the incident in Dronedesk and associate it with the job it happened on
Branded Job pack PDFExport a job pack with your brand identity including the job sections you want to include
Customisable document headerCreate a full customised header for your job pack and RAMS export documents
Branded RAMS PDFExport a RAMS PDF with your brand identity
Customisable Method StatementCreate a beautifully formatted Method Statement with your branding etc. with our rich text editor – update it on a per-job basis if needed
Audit trailAccess to a full audit trail of all changes made to every job, when and by whom
Flight logs
Manual flight log recordingRecord your flight in just a few clicks, assign a pilot, a drone, (optionally a battery), set the start and end time and you’re done
Flight log reportingCreate a PDF or Excel flight log report in a couple of clicks ready for submission to the CAA
Flight log uploadsUpload logs from DJI, Parrott, Litchi, DroneDeploy and Hammer Missions. If you have an AirData account, export your flight logs from there and import them into Dronedesk
Flight log auto-syncingIf you have an AirData Enterprise account, Dronedesk is able to auto-sync your logs for you
Team management
Team members (seats)Record all your people, including back-office staff152
Certification trackingRecord your pilot’s FlyerID, A2CoC, currency and more with alerts to let you know if anything’s overdue
Workflow management
Unlimited jobs/missionsCreate and manage as many jobs as you need to – no limits
Unlimited locationsCreate unlimited job locations by address search, a what3words address, a postal/zip code or just by clicking on a map
Auto geo-data populationFor every location you create, Dronedesk will return you the nearest town, the Lat, Lon, Grid Ref. and Elevation
WorkflowManage your jobs through a pre-defined workflow so you can keep track on progress
Bulk job managementView all your jobs on a map and easily select groups of them to bulk process
Unlimited projectsGroup jobs for a client into a project so you can keep track of things easily
10-day weather forecastWhen you’re building a job, Dronedesk gives you a 10-day snapshot of upcoming weather so you can decide when’s a good day to fly
Permissions controlConfigure permissions to allow or prevent progression by certain team member types
Job notificationsSet up job workflow notifications by email and/or SMS to alert pilots of new jobs or admin of completed jobs
Clone jobsCreate an exact copy of a previous jobs for a revisit in just a couple of clicks
Jobs map viewView all your jobs on a map with filters to help you drill down to the detail you need
Jobs Kanban viewView all your jobs in drag and drop Kanban columns so you can quickly move them through workflow statuses
Jobs calender viewView all your jobs in a calendar, drag and drop to reschedule or rearrange dates and times
Customer Relationship Management
Unlimited leadsManage your lead records directly in Dronedesk – no need for an external CRM subscription
Auto lead generationBuy credits to leverage the power of Google search and find new leads for your targeted geography and industryPaid add-on50 free/mo50 free/mo
Unlimited clientsManage unlimited client records securely in Dronedesk – key data is encrypted for additional security
Branded quotesIssue quotes direct from Dronedesk with your branding
Branded invoicesIssue invoices direct from Dronedesk with your branding – you can even include links to your payment page
Embeddable enquiry formDrop a couple of lines of code into your webpage and get enquiries by email and auto-loaded into your Dronedesk leads table
Asset management
Unlimited drone assetsCreate drone records in seconds with pre-filled specification data for all major manufacturers
Unlimited battery assetsManage your battery assets – you can even track charge cycles and flight hours
Unlimited "other" assetsRecord all your ancillary equipment like controllers and ground cameras
Maintenance logsRecord maintenance and anything else against any asset – all logs are timestamped and initialled
Asset trackingTrack all your assets with QR codes - check-in/out and set asset locations
Battery groupsFor drones with multiple batteries like the Inspire 2 – group batteries and manage them as a single asset
Asset maintenanceSet intervals by days or flight time for all your assets and get alerts when maintenance is due
Affiliate programGet paid generous referral fees for recommending Dronedesk to your friend, associates and colleagues
Google Calendar linkingLink and external Google calendar so you can see you appointments alongside your drone jobs schedule
Google Drive linkingLink Google Drive folders, one for business (to store certificates etc.) and others for jobs or projects
Dropbox integrationLink Dropbox folders, one for business (to store certificates etc.) and others for jobs or projects
Embeddable Verified badgeEmbed a verified badge on your own website showing you’re a Dronedesk user with an optional link to show your flight stats


And the answers of course

Don't let the great value price fool you; even the basic version of Dronedesk is packed with features and uses the exact same datafeeds as our top level Pro plans. It allows unlimited jobs and provides you with a aviation-authority compliant way to safely plan and record your flights.

We subsidise the base service with revenue from the Pro plan subscriptions. There's a couple of reasons why we do that and will continue to try and offer a really affordable base plan:

  • We were originally a drone services startup and we know how hard it is to get up-and-running. There are any number of companies queuing up to charge you a monthly subscription for services like accounting, web hosting, job portals and so on. Those subscriptions can quickly add up to a significant sum each month. So, when we came up with Dronedesk as a concept, we wanted it not only to be an app that would help operators streamline and standardise their operation, but also be affordable.
  • When we first released Dronedesk, we got a tremendous amount of input, help and support from the drone operator community. We're hugely grateful for that because it helped shape the development and make Dronedesk the world-class app that we're able to offer today. So, as a gesture of thanks to the drone operator community, we want to continue offering the affordable base plan for as long as it's possible to do so.

You can read more about our creation story and our ethos on the about us page.

Well firstly, please rest assured, you won't lose access to your data if you cancel a subscription. You have the opportunity to extract all your information from the database via the "Profile > My profile > Manage my business" page. That page also gives you the option to delete your account and all your data from Dronedesk.

You may be offered a free trial period at the time you sign up. No payment will be taken at sign up but you'll be asked for payment details by our payment service provider. You'll then be automatically charged the prevailing subscription fee at the end of the trial period unless you cancel beforehand. We'll send you an email to remind you the end of the trial is coming up. You can cancel at any time during the trial period and your card will not be charged.

Our refund policy is covered in our web application terms and conditions.

If you downgrade to a plan with a lower users allowance, your team access will be limited in the order in which they created their accounts.


You'll genuinely save hours of time - and therefore money - especially when planning flights. 78% of our users say they're able to plan flights in 30 minutes or less and they've saved an average of 56 minutes per jobs since switching to Dronedesk.

Because everything is brought together for you in one place, you won't need to jump from flight safety app to the NOTAM website to weather app to Google Maps to AIP - it's all right there, pre-populated for your flight area.

You can use our simple savings calculator to estimate what you're likely to save over a year.

For example, a one-man drone operation planning 3 flights a week for 30 weeks a year will, on average, save around 84 hours per year.

The security and privacy of your, and your client's, data is critically important to us. We've baked in leading-edge security measures from the ground up to ensure that only the right people and approved devices can access your company's information in Dronedesk.

As standard, Dronedesk encrypts certain PII (Personal Identification Information) data at rest, including but not limited to; passwords, email addresses and client names. The added benefit of this approach is that no malicious actor, or anyone else, will have access to an unencrypted view of your, or your client's, sensitive data. For them to decrypt the data would be hugely computationally demanding and would take so long it simply wouldn't be worth their effort.

Dronedesk supports the latest recommended secure cipher suites to encrypt all traffic in transit, including use of TLS 1.2 protocols, AES256 encryption, and SHA2 signatures, whenever supported by the clients. You can review our server security credentials here.

In line with our Privacy Policy, we never share, give or sell data to any third party. Ever.

As standard, Dronedesk encrypts certain PII (Personal Identification Information) data at rest, including but not limited to; passwords, email addresses and client names. So, even if we wanted to, we couldn't identify your clients directly from the data held in the Dronedesk database.

And in case you're concerned we'll try and poach your clients or give their details to another operator (yes, we have been asked this a number of times!)... we started out as drone services company but, since Dronedesk became so popular, we (sadly) no longer maintain our PfCO. We therefore have no reason to market to your clients. We have no investment partners and have nothing to gain by sharing your client information with any other operator. So we'll never do that.


Your payment details - like card number etc. - are never collected or stored by us. Our checkout and subscription management pages are external to Dronedesk and are hosted by our third-party payment processors Stripe.

These payment processors adhere to the standards set by PCI-DSS as managed by the PCI Security Standards Council, which is a joint effort of brands like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. PCI-DSS requirements help ensure the secure handling of payment information.

You can read the relevant Privacy Policies here:

The Dronedesk service is hosted exclusively in UK data centers offering state-of-the-art physical protection for the servers and infrastructure.

We take exhaustive steps to identify and mitigate risks, implement best practices, and constantly develop ways to further improve security and privacy

Dronedesk supports the latest recommended secure cipher suites to encrypt all traffic in transit, including use of TLS 1.2 protocols, AES256 encryption, and SHA2 signatures, whenever supported by the clients.

Each Dronedesk customer's data is hosted in shared infrastructure and logically separated from other customers' data. We use a combination of storage technologies to ensure customer data is protected from hardware failures and returns quickly when requested.


Dronedesk doesn't connect directly to DJI accounts but you can upload your DJI flight logs directly into the system in our Pro plans. You logs will be processed, added to your flight log records (for the selected pilot, drone and battery) and your flight paths will be shown on a map for your convenience.

Have more questions?

Check our support area or get in touch. We're more than happy to help.

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