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Not the easiest to navigate around the system. No option to just put in flying hours under an existing job. Not usable on my mobile, will set up but cannot update flying hours etc.

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As a product it is excellent. Disappointing part is that the basic was free and now it isnt and the more advanced features are out of price range for a small start up

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Dronedesk is certainly worth a look and worth the subscription. It's extremely popular and whenever you ask a forum for their feedback, you'll see plenty of recommendations. We use it ourselves. The developer is very personable and has a good road map for the product. So why the 3 stars? Well, ultimately it's a great start in an arena where there are few other options, but it still fall shorts in a number of crucial areas. The tools and benefits are worth the subscription, but the flaws are just too many to recommend it as the main platform. For starters, it only works with GoogleDrive, and doesn't allow upload of files by any other means. The forms and reports cannot be customised easily, and so there is often information we don't need, whilst omitting information we do need. The interface isn't the most intuitive either. I certainly wouldn't discourage anyone from checking it out and it may prove to be perfect for you. It's just that, at the moment, for us it ticks some very useful boxes but not enough to warrant daily use.

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