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Welcome to the official Dronedesk documentation. This guide contains all you need to know to get started with managing your commercial drone operation with Dronedesk. If you haven't got an account yet, go ahead and create your free account right now and then come back here when you're done.

If you've used web-based applications in the past, you should find Dronedesk straightforward to use. But getting started with any new application can take a little bit of time so, we'll start simple and and expand on the basic concepts as we go.

We've made this guide short-and-sweet. You'll find more detailed step-by-step instructions in our user guide videos if you need them.

If you're already a tech whizz, feel free to skip the intro and dive right in . If you're looking for a specific subject, scan the menu on the left or use the search form to get right to what you need

Basic principles

Everything in Dronedesk is set up to give you complete control over how you use the system. You're free to use as many or as few of the features as works for your business.

You create items like clients, locations, assets (drones, batteries and other stuff) and team members as separate entities. That means, when you create a job you have complete flexibility; for example you can use the same location for multiple clients or, you could use the same client for jobs at multiple locations.

Once you've created a job, you manage it through a pre-defined workflow and assign "Next action" dates. All that's completely optional though; you're free to use only certain steps in the workflow or disregard the next action dates - whatever works for your business.

This schematic gives you an overall view of the Dronedesk structure:

The Dronedesk structure

Getting help

Help is never far away in Dronedesk. There are multiple sources of support to get you on the right track if you get stuck:

  • Contextual help - on every screen in Dronedesk, you can access user guide videos from the "Profile > Help" menu. Clicking that will open a window with a detailed video on how to use the page you're on.
  • Section-specific help - on some pages with multiple sections, for example the "Manage Job" or "Settings" screen, you'll see a help icon like this which will pop up a video for that specific section.
  • Community support: - we have a really helpful and supportive Dronedesk user community on Facebook. If you post a question on there, chances are you'll get a response in just a few minutes.
  • Direct support - if you've exhausted the other avenues then we can provide direct support through our helpdesk. You'll see a "Support" link on every page, click on that to raise a support ticket and we'll get back to you within 24 hours or quicker.


Dronedesk is designed to keep things organised in a logical order. All menus will be displayed consistently across all screens in the application.

In the left sidebar of the application, you'll see a standard menu which starts with the dashboard and then runs down through from managing your leads to creating a flight log report. If you see a ">" icon to the right of the menu item, it means there's a sub-menu below it. The left menu will automatically shrink if you're on a smaller screen - you can expand it at any time using the burger icon.

In the top-right "Profile" menu, you'll get access to things like your personal and business profile, id card, settings and help screens. This is where you can log out from too.

At the bottom of every screen, you'll find links to raise a support ticket plus the Dronedesk terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Business setup

Changing your password

The remainder of the support documentation will be created shortly.

Get Started in No Time

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