An additional revenue stream for your business

Sign your clients up to your very own branded version of Dronedesk and earn a generous revenue share for as long as they're a paid subscriber.

Dronedesk makes drone operations management so simple, it's an easy sell and there's virtually no effort required on your part. We do everything from hosting to customer support and handling payments.

Use the slider to select the number of clients you'll potentially sign up to Dronedesk each year and see how much you could add to your bottom line.

Annual revenue estimate


Why you need Dronedesk

The majority of drone operators are frustrated by the amount of admin involved in managing their drone operations; we all want to be out flying, not tied to a desk filling in forms, right?

But, at the same time, they understand the need for safe and thorough flight planning.

Often their frustration is compounded by the need to visit multiple, and often confusing, websites to extract information for each and every flight. This can sometimes lead to lapses in quality and safety standards and increased risk.

Dronedesk helps ease the admin pain significantly. It brings all the information pilots need into a single application. Nothing is left to chance and everything is geared towards maximising efficiency, ensuring safety and driving compliance.

No professional drone operator should be without it!

What you get*

  • A unique version of Dronedesk either joint or wholly branded with your corporate identity
  • Optional single-tenant hosting ensuring your clients are ring-fenced
  • Your own URL, either a subdomain of or one of your own
  • Checklists, risk assessments and forms all configured to your specification
  • Hosting, customer support and payments are all handled by us - you don't need to do a thing
  • Training collateral to help onboard your students plus coaching to help you maximise your signups
  • If you're a training company, the potential to trim and consolidate your training content as all forms etc. will be online as part of Dronedesk
  • Uncapped recurring passive income - you get paid for the lifetime of your referral's paid subscription to Dronedesk
*Features dependent on revenue share option chosen. Calculator assumes Option 2 and all users on PRO 005 plan.

Revenue share options

Option Setup Annually Commission What you get
  1. Affiliate program
  • No up-front cost
  • Instant sign-up
  • Commission paid for as long as referred user remains on a paid plan
  • Get started now
  1. Co-branded instance
    Your brand on the login
    screen and in-app
Call Call 15%
  • Shared instance of Dronedesk co-branded with your company identity
  • Your own URL, e.g.
  • Your logo alongside the Dronedesk logo on the login page and every page in-app
  • Custom default checklists and risk assessment
  • All hosting and support
  • No other direct involvement with end users
  1. White label
    Your own drone operations
    management platform
Call Call This option operates via licensing; you pre-purchase discounted license keys and sell on to your clients at whatever rate you decide is appropriate. You handle all client licensing transactions
  • Virtually fully white labelled
    (subtle Dronedesk mention in login page footer only)
  • Mature, stable application with your own branding at a tiny fraction of the cost of developing your own solution
  • Single-tenant database instance
  • Your own domain e.g.
  • Ongoing hosting incl. SSL certificates
  • Bespoke forms, checklists and risk assessment set-up (unlimited†† changes)
  • All aspects of application support for your clients
† Option for licensing as per Opt 3 available by arrangement
†† Fair use policy applies

Get Started in No Time

Dronedesk makes it super easy to manage every aspect of your commercial drone business online. Sign up now and try Dronedesk for free with our no-risk 30-day free trial. Get control of your admin and start spending your time flying and earning money instead of managing spreadsheets and filing paperwork.